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Bill Redwine Resigns From Rowan County School Board

The Morehead News

A member of the Rowan County school board for the past quarter century is resigning from the panel at the end of this month (June 30).

Bill Redwine says new duties he’s assuming as president of the National Association of College Auxiliary Services and major construction projects at Morehead State University next year will demand more of his time. Redwine is an assistant vice-president at MSU.

Redwine says he’s proud of his service with the Rowan schools and it’s been a time of incredible progress.

“We’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth in the school district in those twenty-six years that I’ve been involved. We’ve built a number of new buildings. We’ve built a performing arts center, we’ve built a soccer field, we’ve built a softball field. You know, we’re getting ready to do this big renovation at the high school and our academic programs have continued to grow.” –Bill Redwine

Redwine praises the faculty and staff in the Rowan district. He says their dedication is second to no other school system.

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