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Adkins Supports Education Funding


Kentucky’s House Majority Leader says education funding in the Commonwealth is simply not where it needs to be. State Representative Rocky Adkins is a Democrat from Morehead.

Adkins says that’s true for primary and secondary schools, as well as the state’s colleges and universities.

“I think that everybody understands that higher education, along with elementary and secondary education is really under-funded, but from the standpoint of production, and what we’re getting out of elementary, secondary and higher education, even though the funding levels are not where they need to be, I think is extraordinary.”

Adkins says the progress Kentucky has made in education in recent years is owing to the dedication of teachers and administrators. He says they found creative ways to improve programs and services without additional resources.        

Adkins believes the General Assembly will pump more money into education as Kentucky’s economy continues to get better. He made his comments on Thursday following a Board of Regents meeting at Morehead State University.

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