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Rowan County Education Forum Planned


The Rowan County School Board will hear public comments Tuesday afternoon (April 7) on a new building and facilities plan for the district.

The forum gets underway at 5:30pm at the central office in Morehead.       

John Maxey is Rowan’s assistant superintendent and technology director. He says the board updates the plan every four years and will soon have to make some big decisions on Rowan’s pre-school and middle school needs.

“Long-term, the board is going to have to think about, where would we like to have our pre-school? And that may be several years down the road, but at some point, they’re going to have to address that building, it’s in pretty bad shape. The old middle school building, it’s structurally still a pretty decent building, but it’s a lot of square footage that the board is trying to maintain.”

Maxey says the school board’s plan has to be approved by the Kentucky Department of Education.

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