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‘A Time for Tales’ airs 300th episode


Since 2002, Morehead State Public Radio listeners have enjoyed a weekly program of storytelling by local, regional and national storytellers.

Hosted by Carolyn Franzini, "A Time for Tales" recently aired its 300th program.

"My interest in the world of storytelling began when I first attended the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesboro (Tennessee) in 1986. I was enthralled with the stories that were told. It was an introduction to a whole new art form," said Franzini.

"I love hosting the radio show, it gives me the opportunity to introduce listeners to the vast array of stories. I've featured several local residents, men from the Morehead Inspiration Center, and middle and high school speech team students. It also allows me to be creative. I enjoy the challenge of putting together stories that relate to a theme," she added.

Each program features stories and songs for selected themes including school, culture, travel, holidays, life events and other interesting topics. Program themes have included "Parents are Heroes," "Life in the Slammer" and "Stories from These Hills."

"I'm always looking for new stories to keep listeners interested. After I select the theme, I find stories that fit the theme. The sequence of stories should provide an engaging listening experience," said Franzini.

The show is designed for listeners to enjoy the stories and possibly share their own stories with friends and family. At the end of each program, Franzini reminds listeners to "take time and tell your tales."

"Storyteller Donald Davis once told me the reason he tells stories is so people will recognize the value of their own stories. Stories can be lost from generation to generation and it's important to preserve family stories. In some small way, it's my hope I've encouraged listeners to value their stories and cherish the stories of others," added Franzini.

"A Time for Tales" can be heard on Morehead State Public Radio (WMKY, 90.3FM) Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m.

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