Muddy Bottom Blues

Fridays, 8pm to 9pm and Saturdays, 3pm to 4pm

A reflective hour of roots-based blues, folk and Americana music. Each theme-based hour showcases musicians, singers and songwriters who have created and crafted these distinct music genres.

Tish Hinojosa

Dec 10, 2015

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #57 (December 11 at 8:00PM)

Songwriter and musician Tish Hinojosa has drawn numerous critical accolades for her borderless approach to music, blending Mexican folk and country music with a modern singer/songwriter sensibility and touches of pop.

Red House Records

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #56 (December 4 at 8:00PM)

“Spider” John Koerner has been an influential practitioner of traditional folk music and country blues since the days of the late 1950s and early 1960s folk revival. Both in his group, Koerner, Ray & Glover, and on his own, he has helped popularize early folk and blues music through his performances and recordings, directly affecting the careers of Bob Dylan and Bonnie Raitt, and influencing many others.


Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #55 (November 20 at 8:00PM)

Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupleo, Mississippi. Elvis moved to Memphis by his teens, where he absorbed the vibrant melting pot of Southern popular music in the form of blues, country, bluegrass, and gospel.


Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #54 (November 20 at 8:00PM)

“Voices of a Grateful Nation” uses music to redefine troop support.  In an attempt to highlight the challenges that face homecoming troops and to sound a call for action from the public and the private sector, the Welcome Home Project has produced a series of unique recordings that feature Americana artists and songs of gratitude, support and understanding. 

Performers include Sally and Bukka Allen, W.C. Clark, Jesse Dayton, Deryl Dodd, Jimmy LaFave, Walt and Tina Wilkins, and more.

The Jayhawks

Nov 13, 2015

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #53 (November 13 at 8:00PM)

Led by the gifted songwriting, impeccable playing, and honeyed harmonies of vocalists/guitarists Mark Olson and Gary Louris, the Jayhawks' shimmering blend of country, folk, and bar band rock made them one of the most widely acclaimed artists to emerge from the alternative country scene.

Ted Hawkins

Nov 5, 2015
Past Blues

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #52 (November 6 at 8:00PM)

Overseas, Ted Hawkins was a genuine hero, performing for thousands. But on his L.A. home turf, sand-blown Venice Beach served as Hawkins' makeshift stage. He'd deliver his magnificent melange of soul, blues, folk, gospel, and a touch of country all by his lonesome, with only an acoustic guitar for company. Passersby would pause to marvel at Hawkins' melismatic vocals, dropping a few coins or a greenback into his tip jar.


Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #51 (October 23 at 8:00PM)

The duo of acoustic guitarist John Cephas and harpist Phil Wiggins enjoyed a partnership spanning several decades, during which time they emerged among contemporary music's most visible exponents of the Piedmont blues tradition.

Both were born in Washington, D.C., although Wiggins was a quarter century younger than his partner; they met at a jam session in 1977, and both performed as regular members of Wilbert "Big Chief" Ellis' Barrelhouse Rockers for a time prior to Ellis' death.

Chris Isaak

Sep 25, 2015
WRZ Music

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #49 (September 25 at 8:00PM)

Songwriter Chris Isaak loves the reverb-laden rockabilly and country of Sun Studios. In particular, he transfers the sweeping melancholy of Roy Orbison's classic Monument singles to the more stripped-down, rootsy sound of Sun, resulting in a stylized take on '50s and '60s rock & roll that made him into a star in the early '90s, propelled to a great degree by the hit single "Wicked Game."

John Hartford

Aug 28, 2015
Buzz Quotes

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #47 (August 28 at 8:00PM)

John Harford (the added "t" was the brainchild of Chet Atkins) was born in New York City to a medical resident and his painter wife but grew up in St. Louis near the Mississippi River he would always love. His first job, on a riverboat, came at age ten.

Alejandro Escovedo

Jul 23, 2015

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #42 (July 24 at 8:00PM)

Alejandro Escovedo’s began his music career with the Nuns, a mid-'70s punk band based in San Francisco. He co-founded the pioneering cowpunk band Rank and File in 1979, which moved to Austin, Texas in 1981 after a stint in New York City. The band released Sundown on Slash Records in 1982, but shortly after, Escovedo left to form the True Believers with brother Javier.


Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #41 (July 17 at 8:00PM)

Bob Dylan started his career in the early 1960s with songs that defined social issues such as the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement. During this time the rebellion against mainstream society was rising amongst the youth as they adopted alternative lifestyles as a way of achieving self-transformation.

Peter Case

Jul 9, 2015
San Diego Reader

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #40 (July 10 at 8:00PM)