The Price is Wrong Show

Oct 25, 2017

Tom Price is another Republican rising star turned falling star. Since 1979, when the Department of Health Education and Welfare was renamed the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), his 231-day term is the shortest on record. Canned due to taxpayer-funded air travel, he was also blamed for the failure of the legislature to pass an alternative to the Affordable Care Act. We discuss flu shots, E cigarettes, and the dangers of watching a musical such as “Dreamgirls”.

Tip: It is time for your fall flu shot. The CDC recommends people get a flu vaccine by the end of October. This includes everyone older than 6 months, and this year a research study has shown that flu vaccination significantly reduces a child’s risk of dying from influenza.



There is a major debate about the safety and harms of e-cigarettes

The Canadian Journal of Cardiology has a warning for UK basketball fans

Watching a musical also increases heart rates – we are skeptical



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