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St. Claire HealthCare to merge with UK, will operate under new name, UK St. Claire

Anabel Peterman

Officials said a new agreement between the University of Kentucky HealthCare and St. Claire HealthCare will have big impacts for the region.

The regional hospital in Morehead will now be operating under the new name, UK St. Claire. The agreement, in which St. Claire has been absorbed into UK Healthcare, was approved Friday by UK's Board of Trustees and St. Claire's Board of Directors.

A new Board of Directors consisting of former St. Claire Board members and members appointed by UK will make up the Board for UK St. Claire. Donald Lloyd will remain in his role as CEO and President.

In a statement, Lloyd says the partnership will expand healthcare, medical education opportunities, and make a multitude of advanced clinical services available to patients. Major investments in a new medical center are also on the horizon.

“We are thrilled to bring this partnership to the people of our region,” said Lloyd. “Not only will healthcare opportunities grow, but UK St. Claire will bring an abundance of investments in our facilities and educational programming, which will have an immense economic impact, benefitting our people and the following generations for decades to come.”

The Catholic Diocese of Lexington and the Sisters of Notre Dame National Ministry Corporation have endorsed the partnership. Sisters of Notre Dame National Ministry Corporation will relinquish its corporate membership of St. Claire to the University of Kentucky. Officials said the Sisters will remain in the community and continue serving people through a newly established independent charitable foundation.

UK and St. Claire will now seek regulatory and other third-party approvals and aim to close the transition on July 1st. More information on how the partnership will impact current patients, potential future patients, and the surrounding community, can be found online.