Chewing the Lean with Kelly and Jean show

Oct 23, 2013

#512 Show Summary (Chewing the Lean with Kelly and Jean show):

Tom Hanks has type II diabetes. There is more sleep inducing tryptophan in chicken than there is in Turkey. Visualizing yourself as a thin person doesn’t always help your diet. Our guest, St. Claire Regional Dietitian Jean Jones, and her EKU dietetic intern Kelly Jewell separate fat from fiction this week.

Tip: Risk factors for diabetes include being obese, high blood pressure, having a family history, and being over 45 years old. Talk to your doctor about getting tested.


USA today on Tom Hanks' type II diabetes

The article in Pediatrics on celebrity athletes and junk food endorsements

This is the print version of some pretty good diet tips.


Credit Health Matters Radio Show