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Marti Looking to Leave Unprecedented Legacy and Lead Cheer to More National Titles

MSU Athletics

Morehead State senior cheerleader Raven Marti is already in a class of her very own. Now she's ready to go out in style in helping lead Morehead State to even more national titles.

The only college athlete to ever win an All-Girl team title, All-Girl Partner Stunt title, Coed Team title, and Coed Partner Stunt title, Marti is looking to leave a lasting legacy on the program known as the #DoanDynasty.

The MSU cheer squads will be competing at the UCA College Nationals in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday and Wednesday. If all goes well, the program could add to their trophy cases with the program's 50th national championship.

Starting her career at Washington State, the Hillsboro, Ore., native eventually transferred to MSU and has been climbing the ladder of success ever since. She is now a coed team captain.

"I chose Morehead State because I instantly felt a sense of belonging and drive walking into the practice room," she said. "You can feel the family aspect when you are around this program, and they offer some of the greatest experiences and opportunities to grow as an athlete and as a person. I felt like I was home."

Marti made it clear that Morehead State cheer alums set the tone for the ever-growing title town.

"The alumni of Morehead State cheer are the reason I wanted to contribute to the #DoanDynasty so much. They inspired me to help carry on the tradition of excellence," she said. "I feel like I have contributed to this by truly buying into the program 100 percent, and passing down their knowledge and traditions to inspire others, the same way it inspired me. I have always tried to hold myself to a standard that the program could be proud of."

The late Myron Doan started the MSU competitive cheer program, winning multiple national championships starting in 1988. It wasn't until the advent of social media though that the sport really became global.

In 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic shut things down, Marti and partner stunt counterpart Keyshawn LeFlore accomplished a rare move in their routine that had the cheer world abuzz. The video on social media went viral, seeing more than 10 million views.

"When my performance went viral, it was a very surreal feeling," she said. "Morehead State being in a small town keeps you very humble, so it was nice to get the recognition for the hard work we put in on that routine at such a high scale. It will always be something I look back and reminiscence on, and remember the special memories I made at such an epic weekend with great people."

That performance won them the national coed partner stunt title.

Marti is on track to graduate this year from MSU with a degree in sociology but says she'll never be far away from the program she loves for very long, no matter where life takes her.

"Next year, I will be pursuing a career using my bachelor's degree in sociology. I plan on making trips to visit the new team and hopefully (depending on COVID restrictions), be attending homecoming and nationals practices which is such a loved tradition by the alumni before me," she said. "I will always be their biggest fans."

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