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Beshear Signs Data Protection Bills


Governor Steve Beshear ceremonially signed a pair of bills on Wednesday (June 11) aimed at improving the state’s ability to protect Kentuckians’ data.

House Bills 5 and 232 require the state and private businesses to notify citizens in the event that their collected personal data is compromised by a security breach.

“With more of our sensitive financial and health information being stored on the Internet every day, both government and private businesses have to embrace the latest technology to protect that sensitive information.” –Steve Beshear

State Auditor Adam Edelen says that because government collects so much data about people, privacy is the greatest public protection concern in the digital age.

“If you’re going to collect private information on the public, you ought to do everything you can to protect that information. And in the instance in which you’re unable to protect that information, you have a basic obligation to let the people know.” –Adam Edelen

The legislation also permits the government to investigate security breaches, and to take steps to protect personal information collected by the state.

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