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Individual Instruction Key To Student Success

Metro Parent

Former Kentucky Education Commissioner Gene Wilhoit says systematic changes are needed in primary and secondary schools to better prepare young people for the future.

Wilhoit shared his ideas this week with members of the Education Committees in the  Kentucky House and Senate.  He now heads the privately-funded National Center for Innovation in Education, based at the University of Kentucky.

Wilhoit identifies three obstacles to improving instruction. He says most schools lack individualized instruction, even though learning doesn’t happen at a universal pace.

Secondly, Wilhoit says, there needs to be strong support for a rigorous, world-class curriculum and every student must meet its standards.

Finally, says Wilhoit, a better educational system has to be built from the ground up. Wilhoit adds there also needs to be a commitment to help students master world-class skills and innovation must be encouraged at the local level.

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