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Early Childcare Centers Receive Funding Endorsement


The Kentucky House is endorsing the spending of 44 million dollars in federal money to expand the rating of early childcare centers across the state. 

The endorsement came Friday (Feb. 14) after some debate about long term funding.  Kentucky is one of six states sharing federal “Race to the Top” grant money. 

Frankfort Representative Derrick Graham brought the issue before his colleagues on the floor today.

“It will build a foundation so that every child care provider who wants the training can get the training to provide better child care services to those individuals who take their children to that child care service to get them ready for kindergarten.” –Derrick Graham

Louisville representative Joni Jenkins says improving early childhood education could diminish the need for remedial education among young adults.  Some lawmakers worry about the costs of the expansion of the rating system over time. 

Bowling Green Representative Jim DeCesare is concerned for the long-term.

 “I’m for the program Mr. Speaker.  I’m for the program Gentleman from Franklin.  I’m just saying when the money runs out, we need to evaluate it and address it then.” –Jim DeCesare

The “Race for the Top” money will fund the program for the next three years.  The issue now heads to the Senate for its consideration.

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