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KET Receives Funding To Support Early Childhood Education


Kentucky Educational Television is receiving over $1 million dollars in grants to grow resources in support of early childhood education programs.

Officials announced the expansion of the Everyday Learning Collaborative on Tuesday (Nov. 26), which is an extension of a science program that debuted in 2010.

Nancy Carpenter is KET’s education director. She says the new initiative will expand to include math, health, arts and social skills lessons.

“We believe that television is a wonderful thing, but it’s just a small part. And what we really want is children to read a good book and then do something.” –Nancy Carpenter

KET is developing resources such as videos, interactive technology programs and other classroom activities. The James Graham Brown and PNC foundations are supporting the expansion and will help fund training for nearly 1,000 early childhood educators across the state.

Only one-quarter of Kentucky children are kindergarten-ready when they enter school.   The state has cut childcare subsidies to thousands of families this year that could help better prepare them for kindergarten.  

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