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Cleanup Continues in Flood Damaged Rowan County

Daily Mail

Volunteers from the Southern Baptist Convention’s Disaster Relief organization are working in northern Rowan County to help clear flood-damaged furniture and debris from homes.

Bruce Bay is coordinating the effort in the Hayes Crossing area.

“We help move the home furnishings out and then we go in and we take the walls up so far, depending on what the water level was in the house, take the floors up and after we get everything done like that and sweep it, then we pressure wash the whole inside to clean it all up and then we treat it with a black mold type of chemical so that black mold will not come back later on.”

Bay says crews from the church group arrived last Wednesday (July 15) and he’s expecting them to remain in Rowan County for the next two weeks.

More than a hundred homes in the area were damaged or destroyed by high waters last week. 

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