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Donation Center Opens in Rowan County to Assist Flood Victims

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(Editor's Note: The following information was provided by the Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce)

Operation Donation-Rowan County Cares has been called to action by the recent flooding in Rowan County. In cooperation with Rowan County Emergency Management and the Red Cross, we will be operating a donation center with specific drop off times and specific requests of items. 

Donations will be accepted at the Old Rowan County Middle School, located on KY 32 and Sun Street in the Cafeteria Area.

Hours of Operation:   July 17 (Friday),  July 18 (Saturday), July 20 (Monday), July 21 (Tuesday)  and July 22 (Wednesday), 2015 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.

We will be accepting the following requested items:

Body Wash and Soap

Dish Washing Liquid

Towels and Wash Cloths

Paper Towels

Toilet Paper

Hand Sanitizer

Bug Spray

Rubber Gloves

Disinfectant Spray





Laundry Detergent

Dish Towels

Clorox wipes

Baby food

Baby formula



Baby Wipes






Non-Perishable Food Items

We will not be accepting clothing.  If you wish to donate clothing, please contact Christian Social Services, Gateway Helping Hands or Goodwill Industries.

These are the only items we will be accepting at this time.  Please check www.moreheadchamber.com to see if any of these items have been taken off of the list before you purchase your donations.  When we receive enough of each item, we will be not be accepting any more of these items. 

As most of us know, parts of Rowan County and other areas of Eastern Kentucky were hit with severe flash flooding over the past couple of weeks; with much damage to property and disruption to people’s lives.  Working with Ronnie Day and the Rowan County Emergency services team, the Disaster Relief organization of the Kentucky Baptist Convention has identified the U.S. 60 East area as an area in immediate need of assistance with clean-up.

Over the next two weeks (more if needed) there will be DR volunteer teams from Kentucky and other states staying at the Baptist Campus Ministry building on MSU’s campus.  Slaty Point Baptist Church has been tasked with coordinating and providing meals for these workers.   If any organization, business or church would like to donate labor, food, drinks, snacks or a monetary donation to purchase these items please contact Steven McKenzie @ 606-316-2167 or Rusty Hedrick @ 606-784-7474.  

If you have not signed up for assistance, please visit the Carl Perkins Center to see the Red Cross.

Trash bags, cleaning kits and personal item kits will be provided by the Red Cross or check with the Haldeman/Hayes Crossing Fire Department.

If you are cleaning your property, you may place trash bags at the end of your county road for pick up or deposit in a dumpster.  One is located at the Haldeman/Hayes Crossing Fire Department, the other is located in the parking lot at the bottom of Poppy Mtn. Road (Marty Stevens Property) on US 60 West. 

At the Poppy Mtn. location, if you would like to separate any appliances and leave them by the dumpster, they will be picked up and disposed of, or you can take to Henry’s Recycling Center, 2155 Cranston Road, Morehead. 

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