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Numbers Show Many Sexual Assaults At Colleges Go Unreported


More sexual assaults are happening on college campuses across Kentucky than are actually being reported.  That’s the finding of research done by the Lexington Herald Leader through open records requests. 

They found that 12 sexual assaults were reported on UK’s campus during the 2013-14 school year, but during that time 67 victims went to the Violence Intervention Prevention Counseling Center on campus.  And there was a similar trend at UofL and WKU.  Each had 1 sexual assault reported to police but 43 sought counseling at the University of Louisville and 21 did the same at Western.

Alexandra Fields, a counselor at UK’s Violence Intervention Prevention Counseling Center told the Herald Leader many students still need to understand the definition of rape and assault.  “In the most simplest of terms and I’m sure we’ve all heard it over and over and over again.  Consent very simply is that yes means yes and no means no and being able to remember that and it has to be very clear…a very clear yes and it’s ok to ask for permission and if you’re told yes then that’s wonderful and if you’re told no then respect what that means.”

Fields said if a person has the inability to make a decision because of alcohol or any other reason, the answer is also a clear no.  She believes embarrassment and shame continue to play a role in a victim’s unwillingness to seek help or report being sexually assaulted to police.

To hear Alexandra Field's entire interview with the Lexington Herald Leader click here http://kentucky.com/2015/05/11/3846059/counselor-on-why-sexual-assaults.html

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Karyn Czar