Golden Age of Radio

Sundays, 2PM to 3PM

Morehead State Public Radio presents classic, old-time radio programs from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. On each program of the Golden Age of Radio, enjoy thrilling westerns, classic comedy, exciting adventure and suspense.


The period of the 1930’s through the 1950’s was known as radio’s ‘golden age,’ where the radio was the central piece of furniture in the average family’s living room. Parents and children would gather around the radio to hear the latest installment of their favorite show, hear the latest news and enjoy a variety of big band, classical and country music.


Throughout this period, radio had a mass appeal by uniting and connecting people of all ages. Radio provided a source of inspiration with heroes such as the Lone Ranger, Speed Gibson and Superman; provided laughter with Abbott and Costello, Lucille Ball and Mel Blanc; featured movie stars, vocalists and celebrities on variety shows such as the Grand Ole Opry, All-Star Western Theatre and Jack Benny Hour; and promoted old-fashioned American family values on programs such as Gunsmoke, Frontier Fighters and The Six Shooter.


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Old Time Radio Downloads

  • Life With Luigi (Finds Stolen Diamond Ring)
  • Carolyn Day – Detective
  • The Adventures of Babe Ruth (Harry The Hat)

L.A. Times

  • The Fighting Parson (Detroit 1929)
  • Erwin of the Artic (Dave Erwin)
  • Editor’s Diary (Vanessa Brown)


  • Big Town (Angel of the Street)
  • CBC Radio News Report (1946)
  • Nona From Nowhere (Thelma Blames Nona)

Center for American History

  • Little Old Hollywood (Ben Alexander, Priscilla Lane)
  • CBS News with Robert Trout (1951)
  • Leo Diamond Harmonaires

San Diego Reader



  • For The Record (Benny Goodman, Mildred Bailey, Perry Como)
  • Hollywood Is On The Air (The Bells Of St. Mary’s)


  • Lawless Twenties (Flood of Bootleg Gold)
  • Melody Souvenirs (Imperial Quartet)
  • Miss Hattie (Blind In One Eye)


National Park Service


  • Mr. Chameleon (The Perfect Maid Murder Case)
  • Incredible, But True (The Woman Upstairs)
  • Marconi Memorial Program (1937)

NY Times

  • Louvin Brothers
  • Music Box Theater (Thanks a Million)  

Old Time Radio Downloads

  • The Big Story (Final Curtain)
  • Green Valley Line (Pop’s New Assistant)
  • Baby Snooks (Insurance Exam)  

Fine Art America

  • Lou Holtz Laugh Club
  • My Son Jeep (First Date)
  • 1950 Kentucky Derby
  • Grantland Rice Story (Babe Ruth)

Aladdin Knights of the Mystic Light

  • Escape (Taboo)
  • Aladdin Lamp with Smilin’ Ed McConnell
  • Against The Storm (Memorial Day Memories)


  • Baby Snooks (Barking Rabbit)
  • Hollywood is on the Air (High, Wide and Handsome)
  • CBS Special Broadcast (London After Dark)

Find A Grave

  • Gangbusters (Jewel Robbery)
  • Lou Holtz Laugh Club (Pool Hall Gambler)
  • Second Chance w/Johnny Olson

Old Time Radio Downloads

  • Ann of the Airlanes (Ann Wants To Be an Air Hostess)
  • Edward R. Murrow (London’s Underground Air Raid System)
  • Meet The Meeks (Planning a Garden)  

Old Time Radio Downloads

  • Counterspy (Arrogant Arsonist)
  • Baby Snooks (Court Case)
  • Cecil and Sally (Trip to the Soda Fountain)


  • Murder By Experts (Summer Heat)
  • Incredible, But True (The Playful Spirit)
  • Rosemary (1947)



  • USO - On With The Show (George Murphy, Jack Carson, Eddie Bracken, Danny Thomas)
  • Living 1949 – The State of American Humor (Ben Grauer, Fred Allen)

Old Time Radio Downloads

  • G.I. Journal (Bob Hope, Betty Grable, Mel Blanc)
  • Voice of the Army (Helen Hayes)

Old Time Radio Downloads

  • Hamlin’s Wizard Oil Show (Blue Grass Roy)
  • Gossip and Rumors (Jimmy Fidler)
  • Keep It In The Family (Harry Babbitt)


  • Lou Holtz Laugh Club
  • Jack Birch
  • June’s My Girl

Old Time Radio Downloads

  • Strange Doctor Weird (House Where Death Lived)
  • Special Investigator (Fake Diploma Mill)
  • Songs That Made Them Famous (Dick Jurgens & His Orchestra)  

Old Time Radio Downloads

  • The Life of Riley ($5.00 is Missing)
  • Bill Stern’s Sports Newsreel (J. Edgar Hoover)  

USA Today

Paul Hitchcock hosts this special program of The Golden Age of Radio, a reflection on the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Through rare and vintage audio, an historical perspective on the attack of the U.S. naval base near Honolulu, Hawaii that destroyed or damaged nearly twenty American naval vessels, over three hundred airplanes, and where more than twenty-four hundred Americans died in the attack, including civilians. 


  • Adventures of Sam Spade (Bow Window Caper)
  • Aladdin Lamp
  • Myrt & Marge (Plan to Open Theater)  

Hake's Auctions

  • Mark Trail (Chief Lightfoot)
  • Incredible, But True (Dead Man’s Mirror)
  • Police Reporter (The Case of Warren J. Lincoln)

Old Time Radio Downloads

  • Royal Gelatin Hour (Rudy Vallee, Edgar Bergen, Tyrone Power, Muriel Kirkland, Bob Hope)  

Found A Grave

  • Grape Nuts Program (Tony Martin and Bob Burns)
  • Jane Endicott, Reporter (“Girl Bites Dog”)
  • Lou Holtz Laugh Club  


  • 5 Minute Mystery (The Bookcase)
  • Daredevils of Hollywood (Bob Rose)
  • Camel Caravan w/Benny Goodman


  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (Racehorse Piledriver Matter)
  • 1947 Kentucky Derby Broadcast
  • Hilltop House (Hawaiian Honeymoon Plans)  


  • Mr. and Mrs. North (The Contagious Confession)
  • Leo Is On The Air (I Married An Angel)