Motions Filed in Better Life Church Civil Suit

May 4, 2021

Credit Better Life Church Subsplash Page

Motions to add a plaintiff and set a trial date are being made this week in the civil suit against Better Life Church and its former youth pastor.

The case was filed in December after three plaintiffs came forward alleging sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, retaliation and negligence.  The accusations center around the alleged behavior of 29-year-old Jacob Steagall during his time employed as Student Pastor at Better Life Church.  Steagall entered an Alford plea during his criminal trial for indecent exposure last year, which means the accused does not admit to the charges, but acknowledges there is sufficient evidence to convict him of the crime. 

During discovery in the civil case, both parties sent the other written questions to answer.  Better Life Church went on to request to mediate the file, but no settlement was reached. 

Brennan Soergel is co-counsel for the plaintiffs in the case.

The motion hour for the case is set for Friday at 9:00a.m.