“Let’s Be Honest” show

Sep 16, 2016

Let’s be honest: I was in a pickle. An alert listener had pointed out that Rick says “let’s be honest” too much. What would a good friend do? I did not want to make him self-conscious. But let’s be honest: I couldn’t let him get by with such a serious speech impediment. Actually, I say the word “actually” too much myself. Just to be honest, we actually decided to record a show about our favorite vocal crutches. It also has information about the health effects of bagpipes, cardiac risks of eating cheese, and why drug prices are so darned high.

Tip: according to the AMA Journal, the best way to keep drug prices down is to limit drug companies’ ability to artificially maintain their patents. Generics bring prices down. Two other strategies are to enable Medicare to negotiate prices and to intervene when a company exhibits obvious price gouging.


Dr. Aaron Kesselheim on methods to lower the cost of prescription drugs in the US

Cheese consumption and risk of heart attack and stroke

Older people are happier than people in their 20s