King's Daughters COVID-ICU Full/4th COVID wing opened

Aug 13, 2021

Credit Facebook

Officials with King’s Daughters Medical Center are sharing their experiences with the recent spike in COVID-19 cases.

The health organization uploaded a video to social media Thursday:  the same day another 2,713 new infections were reported in the Commonwealth.  Speaking in the upload are Chief Medical Officer Dr. Stacy Caudill and Hospitalist Dr. Joshua Bryant.  The two discuss the increased admissions there, the decreased average age of those affected from around 75-years-old to 55-years-old, and the same being said for the deaths they are seeing. 

Dr. Bryant says there has been one aspect of it all that has been particularly difficult to deal with.

Dr. Caudill says the hospital’s COVID-ICU is currently full, and they have now opened a 4th COVID unit.  94% of patients currently admitted there have not been vaccinated.

The full video from KDMC can be seen here.