Highway Extension Proposed Between Prestonsburg and West Virginia

Jun 2, 2015

Credit Office of the Kentucky House Speaker

Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo announced today (June 2) that he is calling for a new extension of the Mountain Parkway into West Virginia, to “unlock the potential of our regions vibrant workforce.”

In a letter to each member of the Kentucky and West Virginia Congressional delegations, and both states’ governors, Speaker Stumbo championed the major new expansion.

“Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia share a vibrant workforce that is united in providing the finest quality labor anywhere,” said Stumbo.

It is time to enable our working men and women to reach their potential by creating a highway strategically placed to open up this valuable human resource.  At the same time, this would enable our region to maximize its tourism potential,” added Stumbo.

Stumbo credits the SOAR initiative with creating the atmosphere for this major project.

“Large projects require large vision, and that’s what we have brought together for our Appalachian region in our SOAR initiative,” said Stumbo.

Speaker requested that each delegation member respond and join him in championing this cause.

(story provided by the Office of the Kentucky House Speaker)