Congressman Massie Opposes EPA's New Wood-Burning Stove Regulations

Jul 9, 2015

Credit Mendocino County

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie says new regulations the EPA is planning to implement on wood-burning stoves would prevent the sale of most of them.

The Garrison Republican says he’ll try to stop enforcement of those rules.

“That’s why I’m co-sponsoring this legislation, to stop the administration from enforcing new prohibitions on a renewable, abundant and dare I say, carbon-neutral method of heating our homes that has been with us for centuries.”

Massie’s legislation would stop the EPA from using taxpayer money to enforce the revised regulations.

To reduce exposure to second-hand smoke, the agency wants to restrict the sale of wood burning stoves to units that limit the emission of airborne particulates to twelve micrograms per cubic meter. The current standard is 15 micrograms.