The Blazers

Jan 26, 2018

The Blazers
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Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #128 (January 26 at 8:00pm and January 27 at 3:00pm)

The Blazers, who perform a guitar-heavy blend of blues, surf rock, country, rocked-up norteño, cumbia, and other Mexican styles, are often compared with their East Los Angeles counterparts, Los Lobos. Like Los Lobos, the Gourds, or Doug Sahm's Texas Tornados, the Blazers perform a rousing, danceable mix of North American musical styles.

The group is driven by two guitarist/singers, Manuel Gonzales and Ruben Guaderamma, who have been playing together since high school, rocking the beer joints of East L.A. Their fiery guitar playing and bluesy, soulful singing are given a strong, driving beat by bassist Lee Stuart and drummer Raul Medrano.

The Blazers' infectious Ameri-Mex rock grooves and dual guitar action have prompted comparisons with Santana, the Kinks, the Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, and the Allman Brothers. The Blazers have made a number of overseas tours and have been well received by roots-starved European audiences.

Their 1994 debut album on Rounder Records, Short Fuse, was hailed as one of the best rock records of the year by many critics. In addition to Short Fuse, the band's other albums on the Rounder label include East Side Soul (1995), Just for You (1997), and Puro Blazers (2000).

After the turn of the millennium, the Blazers moved to producer Pete Anderson's Little Dog Records for the release of Seventeen Jewels (2003) and Dreaming a Dream (2008). All of the Blazers' albums should find favor with any fan of hard-driving blues-rock and rockabilly.

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