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Morehead-Rowan County Tourism celebrates their economic impact of 2022


Morehead-Rowan County tourism set a new record for the year 2022, growing tourist spending by $2.17 million and reaching a total of $53.37 million.

Joy Brown is the Head Director of Morehead-Rowan County Tourism. She said a factor in this record-breaking increase is people are looking to get out and travel after the pandemic.

“We’re also a stopping point with people traveling from north to south of the United States, so it’s a perfect opportunity for people to stop and enjoy the Daniel Boone National Forest, and enjoy bourbon, horses, and outdoor recreation in Kentucky,” said Brown.

Brown adds that the increase in tourism has helped taxes dwindle down.

“You’ll see that dollars and cents make differences in lives and the community. In the business owners, the businesses will see that there’s people that come into their business that aren’t local and are coming in to spend money in their gas stations, restaurants, and stores.” Said Brown

This economic increase led to Morehead being recognized all over the state. Rowan County entered 3rd place out of the 15-county region for economic impact after occupying 4th and 5th place for the past 5 years. To view the full economic report, you can visit kentuckytourism.com/industry