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Rand Paul Raises Health Care Concerns

United Liberty

U.S. Senator Rand Paul is warning Kentuckians that the rapid expansion of Medicaid recipients in the Commonwealth through the Affordable Care Act may result in the closure of some hospitals.

The Republican made his comments at a press conference in Owensboro on Wednesday (May 28).

“As Medicaid percentage rises for your hospital, the danger is the hospitals go bankrupt, ‘cause Medicaid doesn’t pay as well as other insurances do. So let’s say your hospital adds twenty percent Medicaid and now it’s thirty percent Medicaid, you may say, well I’m taking care of more people but what if your hospital goes bankrupt and a hundred good-paying jobs at your hospital are lost.” –Rand Paul

Paul says those not eligible for the expanded Medicaid program are purchasing insurance plans with a high deductible. He says those people will likely access health care services and then be unable to pay their share of the bill.

The result, Paul says, is that hospitals will continue to get stuck with the cost of uncompensated care.

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