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Data Shows Nearly 100-Thousand Kentuckians Enrolled In Healthcare

The director of Kentucky’s Health Benefit Exchange says about three-thousand Kentuckians per day are being enrolled in Medicaid or a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) being offered through the state marketplace.

Carrie Banahan shared the figures today (Dec. 18) during a conference call, marking 75 days of assisting residents in obtaining health insurance to meet the requirements of the Federal Affordable Care Act.

As of today, we have over 92-thousand people enrolled. About 70-thousand are in Medicaid and around 23-thousand have enrolled in a QHP. That splits about 75/25.” –Carrie Banahan

Banahan says 41 percent of the people being enrolled are less than 35 years old. She says the number of Kentuckians filing applications for health insurance since Thanksgiving has increased about 40 percent.

Kentucky’s health insurance exchange is called KYNECT and available at: www.kynect.ky.gov