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How Do You Spell Pescosolido? Show

Health Matters Radio Show
Health Matters Radio Show

#496 Show Summary (How Do You Spell Pescosolido? Show):

The Good: we have invited two Rural Physician Leadership Program first year medical students, Stacey Bowlds and Kristina Pescosolido to sit in on our program.

The Bad: Kentucky loses 3317 people every year to lung cancer. 90% of these cancers are preventable if we stop smoking, and 20% of these cancers are curable if we find them early with CT lung screening.

The Ugly: Rick Phillips

Tip: Lung cancer screening has been recommended for smokers and ex-smokers ages 55-74 who have smoked for over 30 years even if they have quit for less than 15 years. Talk to your doctor.



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