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Oath Keepers Release Statement, Cancels Security Detail Planned in Morehead

Oath Keepers

(Editor's note: The following is a press release issued by Oath Keepers)

“Upon request by Kim Davis’ legal team, Oath Keepers is canceling the planned security detail for Mrs. Davis in Morehead, Kentucky.

Oath Keepers has been contacted by Kim Davis’ legal team at Liberty Counsel, and they have, on her behalf, declined our offer of assistance in protecting her from a possible repeat incarceration by Federal District Court judge David Bunning.    We will, of course, respect her wishes, and are hereby issuing a stand-down for our security volunteers who were planning on deploying to Morehead, Kentucky on Monday.

Oath Keepers will NOT be conducting a security detail for Mrs. Davis.  We always seek the full consent and cooperation of anyone we protect, and we must respect their wishes if they decline that protection.   Anyone who was planning on going to Morehead, KY to serve on the security detail are now asked to not do so.   We do thank you most sincerely for your willingness to step up, as unpaid volunteers, in defense of due process.   That was a very honorable intent, and we commend you.

This is a free country, and of course you are free to still go there on Monday and peaceably assemble to express your support for her due process rights and your opposition to arbitrary arrest if you want to, but Oath Keepers will not be conducting a security detail, and she apparently does not want anyone else to do so.   Therefore, we encourage you to save your gas money and time off work for another security detail, at another time (such as for our planned upcoming operation to guard Texas border ranches against drug cartel violence and invasion).

We have not talked to Mrs. Davis directly, and therefore we don’t know her reasoning or ultimate intent, but we do note that civil disobedience where the person is willing to allow themselves to be unlawfully arrested and are willing to go to jail to make a point, is a time honored, respectable, and honorable American tradition going back to Henry David  Thoreau.  We must respect that if it turns out to be her chosen strategy.  There is more than one way to skin a cat, and such non-resistant civil-disobedience can be a powerful tool in resisting tyranny.  Or it may be that she is confident of making an accommodation.   We don’t know, but regardless we will respect her wishes and stay out of it.

Of course we still support her right to due process, and we still oppose the abuse of the contempt power by this judge, who has a documented history of using his position to coerce people for political purposes, such as his egregious and Orwellian 2006 order forcing high school students to undergo gender “sensitivity” training – which was overturned by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in 2007, with the appeals court noting that it was a violation of the student’s First Amendment protected rights, and that they had cause to seek damages.    The man has done this before, and he will do it again.

I want to personally thank retired Missouri police officer John Karriman, retired Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman, Army veteran Allen Lardieri (and his WV team), as well as Kentucky Oath Keepers Point of Contact Jeff Johnson (101st Airborne veteran),  Morehead, KY Oath Keepers leader Doug Robinson (Army Corps of Engineers), and SC Oath Keeper Mouse Prosen, who all took the time to step up and be counted as leaders, as well as all of the brave, honorable men who were gearing up across the nation to take a stand against judicial tyranny.   Hat’s off to all of you, and we are honored to call you brothers.   We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience.   Please pass the word so that we don’t have volunteers wasting their time, gas, or days off unnecessarily.  Save it for the next call up.”

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