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Protests Continue at Rowan County Courthouse

Beaumont Enterprise

Protestors outside the Rowan County Courthouse say they’re not waging a personal battle against Clerk Kim Davis.

Members of the Rowan County Rights Coalition say they just want Davis to comply with the federal court order and begin issuing marriage licenses to all eligible couples.

The clerk suspended the practice following the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing same sex marriage.

Davis cited her religious beliefs in opposing gay marriage in doing so. However, she stopped giving licenses to all couples, saying she didn’t want to discriminate against anyone.

Mary Hargis was among those protesting the clerk’s defiance on Friday (August 14). She says she voted for Davis and has no grudge against her but believes the clerk is obligated to follow Judge David Bunning’s order.

Hargis says demonstrations will continue until Davis reverses her stand.

“We’re here for the duration. If it means we have to drag ourselves out here every day and stand-up for what we believe, we’ll be here. We’re not outside agitators. We are Rowan County citizens. We work here, we go to school here, we have children here, we pay our taxes here.”

Kim Davis’s attorneys are challenging Judge Bunning’s order. They’ve filed an appeal with the Sixth U-S Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati.

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