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Kentucky Fairness Director Says Same Sex Marriage Issue is Political

CBS News

Kentucky Fairness Campaign Director Chris Hartman says he’s not surprised that same sex marriage is still a hot-button issue in the Commonwealth, even after the Supreme Court ruled that gay couples have a right to marry.

Hartman appeared Thursday (July 9) on CN2’s Pure Politics.

He says some elected officials in Kentucky believe opposing the decision is good politics. However, Hartman contends they’re ‘swimming against the tide.’

“Folks think that this is great political fodder, I mean they’re already saber-rattling for the upcoming elections and folks think that this is the sort of thing that plays. In reality we know by polling in general, that LGBT support has been growing steadily amongst Republican voters as well, especially for statewide anti-discrimination fairness laws.”

Still, Hartman concedes that support for gay marriage in Kentucky is probably still less than 50 percent. He says county clerks who aren’t issuing marriage licenses because they don’t like the High Court’s decision are violating everyone’s rights.  

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