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Yarmuth Supports Supreme Court Decision on Marriage

Commercial Appeal

Congressman John Yarmuth thinks county clerks in Kentucky who refuse to issue marriage licenses following the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing gay marriage are shirking their responsibilities.

The Louisville Democrat made the comment in an interview with CN2’s Pure Politics.

“It’s kinda like, if you were a police officer, you join the police force and then you say, oh by the way, I’m a Quaker, I don’t want to carry a gun or a baton because I don’t believe in violence. They wouldn’t remain in the police force very long.”

Yarmuth says any clerk who declines to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples should resign.

Rowan’s Clerk Kim Davis has decided not to issue any marriage licenses following the Supreme Court’s ruling. Davis cites the Kentucky Constitution and her religious beliefs in doing so.

The American Civil Liberties Union has brought suit against Davis, claiming she has a duty to administer the law.

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