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Rep. Wuchner Proposes Marriage Legislation


A northern Kentucky lawmaker is proposing a bill that she claims would make it clear that clergy and county judge executives could not be compelled to perform same-sex marriages.

Appearing on CN2’s Pure Politics, Republican State Representative Addia Wuchner says her legislation would permit both to excuse themselves from such ceremonies because they relate to the exercise of religious freedom and the solemnization of marriage.

Wuchner says the bill would have no bearing on county clerks, whose duties include issuing marriage licenses.

“This would not pertain to the clerks, and it’s a right, we don’t think of it as an exemption, it’s really a right granted to them as pastor, administers of the gospel or judges because county judges are also under that provision of the law.”

Wuchner says she drafted her proposal after speaking with pastors and ministers concerned about the possible impact of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage on the practice of their faith.  

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