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Kentucky Lawmakers Prepare For Tight Budget Session

The majority floor leader in the Kentucky Senate is warning his colleagues in both chambers to refrain from making pledges of additional funding for various programs and services in the next state budget.

Republican Damon Thayer of Scott County says it’s more than a month before legislators will convene to craft Kentucky’s next two-year spending plan and the requests are already mounting.

He says the list includes education, circuit court clerks, emergency operation centers, Kentucky Supreme Court and many others.

“I think we have to be very cautious about making promises and commitments to everyone who comes before this general assembly and asks for more money, because it has to come from the taxpayers and guess what folks….they don’t have it either.” –Damon Thayer

Thayer says recovery from the recession continues to be slow and many Kentuckians have seen their household incomes decline over the past five years.  

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