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Kentucky's Science Standards Could Evolve

Education News

The chair of the Kentucky Board of Education doesn’t expect the controversy over newly-adopted science standards to lead to a change in those standards before they're implemented.

The standards were developed by an independent consortium of 26 states, including Kentucky. The new standards are based around scientific research and include more lessons around climate change and evolution, among many other topics.

The state board will get recommendations this week from education department officials, who will include public comments in their report. State officials say they received thousands of comments last month....some from residents upset about the teaching of evolution and climate change.

But Chairman David Karem says it would be unusual for the state board to make large changes to the standards at this point.

“I would not expect there to be changes to the major fundamental portions of the 'regs' because the standards were developed by twenty-six states.” –David Karem, Kentucky Board of Education

Education department officials will submit their final report that considers public comments this week. The final step toward adopting the standards is legislative approval.