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Barr, Yarmuth on Federal Shutdown


Republican Congressman Andy Barr of Lexington is accusing President Obama and Senate Democrats of prolonging the government shutdown by refusing to compromise or negotiate. Barr claims the GOP has been more than willing to do that to bring the budget impasse to an end…

None of the continuing resolutions cited by Congressman Barr have included funding for the Affordable Care Act, which is at the heart of the dispute.


Credit yarmuth.house.gov

Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville says the appropriations measures being approved by House Republicans are an exercise in political theater. He says they know the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats, won’t go along with any resolutions that don’t include money for the Affordable Care Act.

Yarmuth spoke Thursday on Insight Cable’s Pure Politics


Yarmuth tells Pure Politics House Speaker John Boehner could end the dispute by bringing a budget resolution before Congress that funds the entire government. 

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