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Rogers/Paul/Grayson on Federal Shutdown

Kentucky Congressman Hal Rogers is expressing frustration that all of his proposals to keep the federal government operating have been rejected by Senate Democrats. Rogers is a Pulaski County Republican who chairs the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee…

Rogers’ bills would have opened federal parks, museums and monuments but did not provide any funding for the Affordable Care Act. That’s the major bone of contention between House Republicans and Senate Democrats and President Obama.


U.S. Senator Rand Paul says the House is doing the right thing by continuing to offer resolutions to fund various parts of the federal government. The Kentucky Republican says Congress should not be in this position, but since it is, it ought to be meeting its financial obligations…


By insisting on funding for the Affordable Care Act remain in a budget bill, Paul claims President Obama is taking a “my way or the highway” attitude.


The budget impasse in Washington will end if the American people demand it…That’s according to former Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson. He spoke to Insight Cable’s Pure Politics.

Grayson, who is now director of the Harvard Institute of Politics, says members of Congress respond when their constituents feel strongly about an issue…


Grayson tells Pure Politics nothing will settle the dispute more quickly than callers “burning up the phone lines”.