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Hall Disappointed In Not Accomplishing Goal


Rowan County’s Jailer is disappointed he’ll leave office next year without accomplishing one of his key goals.

When he retires after his current term ends, Don Hall says Rowan’s new 300-bed detention still won’t have been built.   The county and the State Department of Corrections are still in the planning stages for the project.

According to Hall, when he won re-election three years ago, he figured construction for the facility would be nearing its completion by this point in time…

 "I think we should be a lot further along in that process…and we’ve known for five or six years, or whenever they traded the property to the university, that we needed to do something…I was hoping we would get something done in this term." - Jailer Don Hall

Even after he ends his run as Rowan’s jailer next year, Hall still hopes to be involved with the detention center project.  He’d like to assist with some of the planning for it…especially its staffing needs.

Chuck Mraz has been an employee of MSPR (WMKY) since 1986. As News Director he recruits and trains employees for MSPR's News Department and supervises the morning operations of the station. Chuck hosts "Front Page," a local news and information show, "Monday Morning Quarterback," a sports discussion program and is the local news voice for inserts in NPR's "Morning Edition." He has received numerous state and national awards for his work in news and sports reporting. Chuck retired from MSU in June of 2018.