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Kentucky's Land Conservation Fund Lacks Resources

Kentucky State Parks

Kentucky’s Heritage Land Conservation Fund lacks the money to take on any new projects and the chairman of its board is appealing to state lawmakers for ideas on how to generate additional revenue for the program.

Dr. Richard Kessler told members of the Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and the Environment last week that the Fund maintains 125 sites in 67 counties. He says those areas are used for hunting, environmental education, hiking and wildlife viewing.        

However, he says, for the first time in its 20-year history, it lacks the resources to accept additional sites.

“And this is primarily due to a budget shortfall of course resulting from a five million dollar reduction in our fiscal year fifteen budget and an expected three million dollar decline of funds in fiscal year sixteen.”

In addition, Kessler says, the money the KHLCF receives from the sale of its “Nature’s Finest” license plates has declined significantly in recent years. He says the Fund also receives money from environmental fines but that’s an unpredictable source of support.

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