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Environmental Impact Study Released For Bluegrass Army Depot

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The planned explosive destruction of thousands of aging mustard projectiles stored at the Blue Grass Army Depot is not expected have an environmental impact. That’s according to a report just released.

The explosive technique is expected to be used in a detonation chamber at the Madison County Depot.   Site Project Manager for the Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant, Jeff Brubaker, says the process is slated to begin in 2017.

“Through the supporting environmental assessment, there is no significant impact to the environment from either construction or operation of an explosive detonation chamber to destroy those munitions,” said Brubaker.

As work continues on the Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant, Brubaker says risk of human injury is very low.

“These are armored chambers, essentially double walled chambers within which the detonation occurs, so there is no chance for either agent or fragmentation from the explosion to hurt workers,” added Brubaker.

The mustard projectiles will be the first munitions disposed of at the Depot.  Brubaker says steps will be taken to ensure air quality is not affected.

“At the end of the process all of the gases are captured and are processed through a series of carbon filters before the air is released back to the environment,” said Brubaker.

Brubaker says there will be waste product sent off site for disposal.  Members of the local Citizens Advisory Commission were briefed in the findings.

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