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A student's business with artistic style

Sarah Meade, The Trail Blazer

Through the creation of functional and sculptural items, a local artist has found balance between the two by creating decorated ceramics.

As a ceramic artist, Sinclaire Dorsey’s work is a combination of practical items and sculptures. Along with her array of art, membership in Morehead State University’s ceramic guild and work as a sculpture studio assistant, she combined the elements of nature and clay to launch a business.

Clayture Ceramics launched in 2019 with handcrafted ceramic dishes such as plates, bowls and mugs.

I chose ceramics because it is an art form the people get to touch, eat and drink from,” said Dorsey, a junior art and design major. “I also wanted to provide a service that is more personable, I hand-build, sire, glaze and package each piece myself so it feels more like a friend to friend purchase.”

Pieces are then fired in a soda reduction or wood kiln, depending on the set.

Dorsey, Paul G. Blazer graduate, has always been passionate about art, but was inspired to create her own business after talking to a graduate student about the arts entrepreneurship minor.

“As an art student, of course you want to see your work sell,” said Dorsey. “To be able to say I made a truly successful self-made business would be a dream.”

Despite the changes surrounding each semester, Dorsey is determined to develop themes, styles, and context to her artwork.

“I think that a lot of artists are always trying to figure that out,” Dorsey said. “They’re always changing what they make and how they think about things.  I’m definitely making a concentrated effort to think about the world around me and what makes me happy and what doesn’t make me happy and what I want to portray in the pieces that I make.”

Dorsey is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts at Morehead State University, with a minor in art entrepreneurship.

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