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MSU to host 21st annual MPATE day


Some of the region’s best and brightest high school students will participate in the 21st annual Math, Physics and Technical Education (MPATE) Day at Morehead State University on Wednesday, Nov. 12.

Juniors and seniors who excel in sciences will gather at MSU for a day of competition and fun with their peers from other schools, while expanding their educational horizons in those academic disciplines.

The participants, all recommended by their teachers, will be divided into teams of four students. The team members will represent four different schools, to afford the students an opportunity to get to know their peers from other counties or school districts.

“Once the teams are formed, they will have approximately two and one-half hours of problem-solving exploration activities, involving math, physics, computer science or industrial and engineering technology,” said Dr. Tim O’Brien, associate professor of mathematics and MPATE Day coordinator.

Some of the activities will be hands-on practical exercises, while others will be completed with pen and paper.

Various MSU faculty and staff members from the College of Science and Technology will lead the explorations.

Each of the different activities is scored, and the team with the highest score at the end of the day’s events will be declared the winner.

Following the competitive portion of the day, a luncheon and awards ceremony will be held in Button Auditorium.

Dr. O’Brien said approximately 450 students from MSU’s service region and beyond are expected to participate in MPATE Day this year.

Additional information about MPATE Day activities is available by calling Dr. O’Brien at 606-783-9439.