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Historic Lincoln Hall In Jackson County To Be Restored

Kenny Browning

The first grants issued through the state's Cleaner Commonwealth Fund will include the restoration of a historic building in Jackson County.  A total of 49-thousand dollars will go for asbestos removal at Lincoln Hall in Annville. 

Jackson County Ministry Director Jake Moss says the one time school building will be redeveloped as a cultural center.  He says area artists are eager to see the project move forward.

"They're excited about the fact that they have a place where they'll be able to display their product.  We're not that far from Berea, but we're far enough away that this is another venue for them and also a place where they can teach the local students,” says Moss.

Moss says windows in the Lincoln Hall have already been removed.  Columns will be redone and the clock tower will also be refurbished. 

The project is also receiving federal support through a 200-thousand dollar grant.  Moss says the structure built in the 1920's is part of the Annville Institute, which includes five non-profit organizations.

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