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March Planned To Drop The 'R' Word


Supporters of an event on Friday (March 28) on the Morehead State University campus say its purpose is to “March out the ‘R’ Word”.

They’ll assemble at Baird Hall at 1:30PM and walk across campus in an effort to persuade others to drop the ‘R’ Word when talking about persons who have developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Kim Henderson is executive director of D&S Community Services. Her organization provides programming for those individuals.

“Hopefully, awareness will lead to more community inclusion, more opportunities for everyone. And it’s not just to create a better life for those that we serve that might have a disability, but it also improves our community, because those with an intellectual or developmental disability have so much to offer.” –Kim Henderson.

Henderson says participants are encouraged to make their own posters and signs. The march will end at the MSU student center.

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