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Beshear Wants Highway Funding Restored


Governor Beshear is calling on Congress to act quickly to fix the federal Highway Trust Fund because the consequences of failing to do so could be severe. The Trust Fund is expected to run out of money near the end of August of this year.

Beshear says Kentucky is reimbursed from the fund when it spends state money on federal transportation projects. However, if those projects have to be held up because of funding uncertainty, Beshear says, “that’s a job killer.”

“When we delay a project, those jobs that we’re talking about losing aren’t state government jobs, those are private sector jobs. They’re jobs with construction companies that don’t have work to do and that can really affect Kentucky’s economy and it will affect America’s economy.” –Gov. Steve Beshear

The Governor says his administration has already placed two projects on hold because of federal reimbursement delays. Those projects include the widening of US 65 and pavement repairs to Kentucky’s interstates and parkways. Beshear spoke at a press conference in Frankfort on Wednesday (July 2).

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