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School District Saving Money With Propane

Citizens Voice

A Western Kentucky school district participating in a state-approved pilot project for saving energy will purchase a second school bus powered by propane gas. That’s what the grant administrator for the initiative in the Crittenden County School District told a panel of state lawmakers in Frankfort this week.

Laura Beacon testified before the Interim Joint Contract Review Committee.  She says the district already has one propane bus and is saving over two-dollars a gallon on fuel.

“They are about fifteen thousand dollars more expensive than the average diesel bus. The real efficiency as far as cost goes is with the price of propane versus diesel. The price of propane is about a dollar forty, dollar sixty a gallon, whereas, the price of diesel is about three ninety.” –Laura Beacon

Beacon says the propane bus doesn’t get as many miles per gallon as a diesel vehicle but it’s still more cost-efficient and is reducing pollution.

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