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Natural Gas Options Discussed

American Natural Gas

A stable of Kentucky lawmakers are learning how natural gas can be developed to meet the state’s transportation needs.  

Industry experts briefed members of the committees on energy and natural resources at the Owensboro Convention Center on Thursday (June 12) on the viability of natural gas filling stations, which are currently limited across the state.

Republican Sen. Jared Carpenter is a co-chair of both committees.

“It’s an important issue for Kentucky. Gas has become a major player, in providing energy sources for Kentucky, and that's why we wanted to come to Owensboro. One of our members, this is his home community, and they've got a beautiful facility, and they just worked hand-in-hand so we could hear a presentation from the gas association and learn more about what they're doing.” –Jared Carpenter

Natural gas is expected to comprise a larger share of the state’s energy sources in the future.

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