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Alltech Expands To East Kentucky

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The Kentucky-based global nutrition company Alltech announced on Monday (July 21) it will build a distillery, fish farm and poultry-layer facility near Pikeville.

Deirdre Lyons is co-founder of the firm.

“We expect to spend ten to twelve million on the distillery, three to five million on the egg production and agriculture eight to ten to begin with.” –Deirdre Lyons

The development will happen on a new 380-acre industrial park known as Marion Branch. The city of Pikeville is extending water and sewer service to the site. 

Governor Beshear says the state is helping with two important transportation projects.


“Up to 5.73-million dollars from the Transportation Cabinet to build an access road that will be wide enough to accommodate tractor trailers. In addition, The Kentucky Highway Plan provides eight million dollars for construction of a bridge which will connect the access road and U.S. 23.” –Gov. Steve Beshear

Alltech’s investment is the first at Marion Branch. The company hopes it’ll be the catalyst for other economic development  projects there and elsewhere in eastern Kentucky.

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