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Conway Seeks Gas Price Probe


Attorney General Jack Conway says he’s upset that his call for a federal probe into alleged gas price gauging in Kentucky has apparently gone nowhere.

During an interview with Insight Cable’s Pure Politics, Conway says he appealed to the U.S. Attorney General to open such an investigation.

“If you recall back when President Obama was running for re-election in 2011-2012, he created a special task force to look at gas prices. And I’ve talked to Eric Holder I said, well listen, this is tailor-made for us because we’ve got a problem…and nothing happened. I’ve expressed that frustration to him and I was forwarded back to the FTC. And I’m getting very, very angry. I’m getting angry that the federal government won’t take a look at this.” –Jack Conway

Conway has conducted his own probe into gas prices in the Louisville area since 2008.

The merger of Marathon Oil and Ashland Incorporated in the 1990's created a monopoly for wholesale gas distribution in the region and some people contend that’s why its fuel prices are higher.

Conway did file an anti-trust complaint with the Federal Trade Commission but the case is still spending before the FTC.

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