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Fuel Efficiency Impact on Steel Industry

AK Steel

The Obama Administration’s push to increase fuel efficiency standards for cars and light-duty trucks to 54-point-five miles per gallon by 2025 will not come at the expense of AK Steel…That’s the view of company President James Wainscott. 

He admits car manufacturers are increasingly experimenting with aluminum to reduce the weight of their vehicles and improve mileage. However, he says much of that focus has been on engine blocks and other assorted parts. Wainscott thinks the cars and trucks of the future are still going to need a lot of steel…

Wainscott says his company is now making advanced “high strain” steels that should give the industry lighter vehicles. However, he says A-K doesn’t want to get too far “out front” in developing new products. His firm, he says, will listen carefully to customers and find out their needs before investing in new product lines.

AK has a production mill in Ashland. 

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