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Three music fanatics give their "Unwarranted Music Opinions" on WMKY podcast

Julianna Leach, The TrailBlazer

Chas Jenkins, Jacob Lindberg and Bryan Courtney found themselves in the heat of making a music podcast after a conversation that sparked the idea.

“So, Jacob says ‘we should do a podcast together,’” said Jenkins, convergent media major from Rowan County. “We were just so interested in it that we planned it right there.”

Before each episode of “Unwarranted Music Opinions,” they each select an album that the others must listen to within a week. After reviewing the albums, they come together to discuss the contents of the three albums and give it a rating.

“I just wanted to talk about music,” said Lindberg, and the idea wasn’t to feature the podcast on WMKY 90.3.

But, Leeann Akers had another idea.

“I just said why don’t you put it on our website,” said Akers, News Director of WMKY 90.3 FM. “We try to give the students different opportunities and any student who shows initiative, were going to try to facilitate a way for them to realize those ideas.”  

With their tastes ranging from Lindberg’s love of Indie and classic rock, Jenkins self-described “average joe” and Courtney’s interest in experimental, they said it is ideal for discovering new music.

“I feel like the purpose of it [music criticism] is discovery,” added Lindberg.

Courtney said that although music criticism is often immediately viewed with scrutiny, it is actually a way to further your interest overall.

“I would like more people to see that you should explain why you like things.” said Courtney, MSU accounting major from Lawrenceburg, Ky. “You’re being honest with yourself and giving more value to the thing that you like.”

Throughout the remaining weeks of the MSU Spring 2019 semester, they plan on recording weekly. After the semester ends they are planning on ending the podcast, as Lindberg and Courtney will be graduating.

With the end in sight, they agree that they are proud of who they recognized in the podcast and hope that some of their listeners dive into new music they never thought they would listen to.

“It gives people a chance to hear something they probably never would have,” added Jenkins. “It’s more than just discovery, its getting the word out.”